Wholesale Diamond Wedding and Engagement Rings in Perth

You want her to love her engagement ring and at Diamond Emporium, we absolutely understand because we bring engagement dreams alive every day.

We also know that you want to look at the biggest diamond rings in Perth at a realistic price, which is why if you’re looking at engagement rings in Perth you must add Diamond Emporium to your shortlist.

You might want to organise a surprise proposal with an impressive rock on a yellow gold or white gold band and let her craft her preferred design later. Or you may want to create your own masterpiece. Whatever your wish, we offer a huge selection of the most beautiful diamonds in Perth so that you can craft the perfect engagement ring to accompany your proposal.

If you want to bring your fiancé into the store and design the ring together, we can also help you out, as well as assisting with developing the wedding band ensemble.

If you’re planning a romantic getaway to Margaret River or any other beautiful destination across Australia or the world, we can help you plan and create the perfect engagement ring to complete your special moment. We’ll help you with the carat, cut, clarity and colour and we’ll make sure the price means you love the ring as much as she does.

At Diamond Emporium, we work, live and breathe diamonds everyday of our life, while we know, for you, diamonds can often be a once off investment. Don’t waste time looking at inferior or poor quality imitations – come to Diamond Emporium to see and try the best quality diamonds in Perth.

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