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Traditions and customs

The engagement ring has been a cherished tradition since the Roman Empire, though customs vary greatly based on one’s personal religion, heritage and geographic region. Some men opt for a more traditional proposal, keeping the event a secret until the very minute he pops the question. Other couples prefer to shop for an engagement ring together.

Dollars and sense

As tradition goes, an engagement ring budget should begin with two-month’s salary. But we believe the most important factor during purchase is value and quality. An engagement ring will be admired and shared for this day forward. Select wisely.

At Diamond Emporium, we can assist the happy couple or future groom in assessing their budget, finding the ideal diamond and choosing the best setting. We’ll ensure you garner the greatest value for this important investment.

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Timing it right

When planning your important proposal, allow for adequate time to tailor your ring to the right size and specifications needed. Depending on your chosen setting, style and other factors, custom sizing may require up to two weeks and custom ring design as long as six weeks.

How not to pop the question

You could ask her ring size or have her accompany you to our shop. But this would spoil the romantic surprise. Make your proposal memorable by bringing any of her other rings into our local store. Our jewelers will let you know her size and how much larger you should order just in case. We’ll then resize her ring promptly once she says ‘Yes’. If no rings are available, we recommend asking a close friend or relative.

How to ask the question

Where, when and how will you propose? Some prefer a private venue while others invite hundreds of guests to the party. Who better to offer advice than those who’ve been there before.

While we’ve shared in thousands of engagements, we thought it best to invite our customers to share their story, their ideas and their tips with you in their own words. We invite you to return at a later date to share your story and wisdom with future generations.

To have and to hold

Selecting the ring that she’ll gaze upon forevermore can feel intimidating. We’d like to make this event less nerve-wracking and more exhilarating.

Begin the selection process by considering her personal style as well as her physical attributes. From solitaire to eternity, the setting you select should not only represent your love among one another but also her fashion preferences. Is she edgy or traditional, outgoing or shy? Is she more attracted to silver or gold?

Jewelers and gemologists also recommend pairing cut and setting to a woman’s physical features. More striking and dramatic styles meld well with slightly larger hands, while delicate and petite styles with subtle settings complement lean or slim fingers. Engagement rings may be worn alone following the wedding ceremony or together as joined with the wedding band. At Diamond Emporium, we can suggest popular styles to enhance her natural beauty.

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