Diamond Cut
How much light does your diamond reflect?

This will depend primarily on the cut grade you select. One of the four Cs – cut, colour, carat and clarity – your diamond’s cut grade is arguably the most important factor influencing its natural beauty.

Not to be confused with shape, a diamond’s cut refers to the depth proportion responsible for light reflection and luminosity. A shallow cut grade causes light to escape through the bottom, while a deep cut misdirects light through the side. Ideally, you want your diamond cut to reflect the same amount of light through the top as it absorbs. As a result, optimal light reflection creates a glowing and radiant shimmer

Our Gemmologist tips:

Diamond cut grade is determined by observing a diamond from the top, with higher grades garnering optimal brightness, fire, scintillation, durability, weight ratio, polish and symmetry. Selecting a Very Good or Excellent cut grade will garner optimal value and long-term beauty.

Diamond Emporium is proud to also offer its Ideal Collection representing diamonds cut to the most exacting standards attainable. When purchasing from our DE Ideal Collection, you’re assured one of the finest cuts in the world.

Cut Grades

Cut grades are categorised based on standards that range from Poor to Excellent and ultimately our esteemed Diamond Emporium Ideal cut.

Diamond Emporium Ideal cut:

Diamond Emporium’s Ideal cut diamonds are in a class all their own, sharing the spotlight with only the top 1% of quality diamonds based on cut. This far surpasses even the standard Excellent cut, providing the ultimate polish and symmetry and thus giving it the greatest light reflection capabilities.

Excellent cut:

The exquisite Excellent cut represents the top 3% of quality diamonds based on cut. As such, this cut is exceptionally luminesce and reflects all light entering the diamond.

Very good cut:

The Very Good cut is an exceptional value, reflecting nearly as much light as the standard Excellent cut yet offered at a much lower price. This cut represents the top 15% of all quality diamonds based on cut.

Good cut:

The Good cut includes the top 25% of all quality diamonds based on cut, able to reflect most of the light entering the diamond. This cut is more cost-effective than are higher grades.

Fair cut:

Not carried at Diamond Emporium, Fair cut represents the top 35% of all diamonds based on cut. Brilliance and cost are slightly lower for this cut than are for higher grades.

Poor cut:

Not carried at Diamond Emporium, Poor cut diamonds tend to be too deep and narrow or shallow and wide to reflect all light entering or provide the polish and symmetry you can expect with higher grades. Light is frequently lost through the sides and bottom instead of the diamond’s top.

Light Performance

A diamond's cut grade is an objective measure of a diamond's light performance, or, what we generally think of as sparkle. When a diamond is cut with the proper proportions, light is returned out of the top of the diamond (which gemologists refer to as the table). If it is cut too shallow, light leaks out of the bottom; too deep and it escapes out of the side.

Shallow Ideal Deep
Diamond Anatomy

The largest facet of the diamond, which comprises the flat surface on the top of the stone, resembling a 'table'.


This is the top portion of the diamond, located above the girdle and extending below the table.


Forming the outer edge of the diamond, this is where the crown and the pavilion meet.


Located at the bottom of the diamond, the pavilion bridges the girdle and the culet.


The smallest facet of a diamond, the culet is located at the very bottom of the stone.

Selecting The Ideal Cut Grade

Today’s diamond cutters contemplate a diamond crystal’s size and shape, selecting a cut that minimizes waste and delivers the most favourable light reflection possible.

Because a diamond’s cut grade so strongly impacts its brilliance, most gemmologists believe this is the single most important characteristic shoppers should consider when selecting their stone. It is advisable that diamond shoppers choose the highest cut grade possible within their budget.

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