Siam & Sylvia – Couple of the Month

Siam & Sylvia – Couple of the Month
Congratulations from all at Diamond Emporium!

Fate threw Siam & Sylvia together, but it was the dedication and care of the groom-to-be that set up the perfect proposal for this month’s couple of the month – Siam and Sylvia.
Fate, it seems, had plans for Siam and Sylvia, seating them at the same table at a large wedding, and then having them meet again in Adelaide when Siam was on business.

It was from here that the spark of love grew, as Siam became entranced by Sylvia’s kind-heartedness, mature but fun-loving character as they chatted into the small hours each night. A gentleman, Siam took Sylvia to La Perouse for a planned picnic one day, but as the heavens opened they retreated to the car for homemade cupcakes, tea, and a profession of love from Siam to Sylvia.

18 months later, and Siam was ready to propose to the love of his life. He was sure he wanted a custom-made ring, and Diamond Emporium had come highly recommended.

First, he worked with Diamond Emporium’s David, who found him the perfect stone with the right characteristics that fitted Siam’s budget. Then Siam worked closely with Diamond Emporium’s Erin to design the ring itself – everything from band design and colour to diamond setting was carefully worked out using 3D CAD models and a physical silver model.

We are pleased to say that Siam notes about the Diamond Emporium process our “willingness to work with you to realise your dream, rather than working for you,” “patience and understanding in every aspect”, and that “the quality of their ring crafting and metals is very high.”

Now all that was left was the proposal. Laying the groundwork early, Siam drew one half of a picture and presented it to Sylvia on Valentine’s Day, and months later would present her the other half of the picture back where he first told her he loved her, this half illustrating him proposing to her.

This time, the weather was on his side, and after lunch at Grounds of Alexandria and a stroll on the beach, the couple finally got to have their picnic at La Perouse. As the sun set over the water, Siam led Sylvia down to the rocks, got on one knee and proposed to his future wife with his custom diamond ring. Through shrieks of excitement and shock Sylvia managed to say “yes!”

After the proposal, Siam led Sylvia back to his house, which was decorated with flowers, balloons and a cake, and where some of their friends waited to surprise Sylvia once again.

They all celebrated this happy occasion together with the couple, rounding out a perfect day.

Siam and Sylvia plan to marry on 6th April, with a whistle-stop honeymoon taking them to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Hawaii. We’re intensely proud that Sylvia will be wearing the custom ring from Diamond Emporium, a mark of their everlasting love for each other.

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