Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

If you know your partner would love a princess cut engagement ring, we have the answer at Diamond Emporium.

You might not know that the popularity of diamonds started back in the middle Ages but the cutting of diamonds has evolved significantly. While diamonds were once used in their rough natural state, today their sparkle is enhanced through expert cutting and polishing techniques.

We offer only the best princess cut diamond engagement rings – crafted to an exacting standard so that you and your partner will both be proud and impressed by your engagement ring for the rest of your lives.

Princess cut diamond rings are different to other cut diamonds – they often appear with a more sparkly finish thanks to the symmetry, proportioning and polish of the diamond, while they waste the least amount of the original diamond in creating the effect, meaning they carry a higher carat weight.

Believe it or not, most diamonds in their rough state are completely unremarkable. They are not shiny or sparkly, which is why it is so important to choose the right jeweller to supply your perfectly crafted diamond.

If your ring is for a surprise engagement proposal, we want to know that our princess cut engagement rings will further impress your future fiancé as much as possible; after all, a surprise romantic proposal is all about impressing your partner.

If you and your partner are choosing your engagement ring together, know that if you come into Diamond Emporium you won’t be wasting your time because we have the best quality diamonds at a price you’ll both be happy with.

Our team are also experts in helping you identify and define your engagement ring style. Whether the design is developed based on a description you provide about your partner or she talks us through her preferences in person, we can help you choose exactly the right diamond cut and ring style to suit your lifestyle.

At Diamond Emporium, we deal with diamonds every day but we understand that you don’t. That’s why we’re here to offer you the best advice and the most stunning collection of diamonds, engagement rings and wedding bands available in Australia.

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