Is it safe to buy diamonds online?

It is completely safe to purchase from the Diamond Emporium website, not only do we have strict security measurements in place, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee for added peace of mind. For further details please refer to our Security Policy.

How long has Diamond Emporium been operating?

We have been in business for over 50 years. Specialising in the diamond trade we are a second generation, family owned and run business with decades of experience and knowledge that we use to assist you in purchasing the highest quality jewellery. This provenance means that our customers feel safe in the knowledge that they are buying from experienced and respected gemoligists and jewellers.

How can I be assured that the diamond I've ordered is the one I'll receive?

All of our diamonds come with full certification that includes details of the identifying characteristics and proportions of your individual diamond.In addition to this, most of our diamonds are laser inscribed for extra security. We check each diamond against its certificate before sending it to the customer, using the certificate number on the girdle which can be seen when using 20x magnification. Alternatively, you can have it checked by an independent appraiser for a small fee.

Can I collect my purchase in person?

Yes, absolutely. You can arrange to collect your purchase from our Sydney office during business hours.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, our Sydney showroom is open during business hours by appointment only, should you wish to see a selection of our jewellery and meet our fully trained sales professionals.

Why do diamond prices differ from one day to the next?

Diamond prices fluctuate according to the value of the US dollar as diamonds are traded around the world in US dollars. All prices quoted on the Diamond Emporium website are valid for 24 hours and are updated daily at 12.00 am.

Why are your prices so low?

For a number of reasons; we buy direct from the supply factories and in large quantities meaning we pay less so that we can pass these savings on to our customers. Because we buy from high up the supply chain we do not have to pay additional mark ups or margins from third parties along the way.

We also have partnerships with the largest diamond cutters and manufacturers around the world which gives us a high level of buying power. Lastly, as we trade almost entirely through our website we incur lower overheads than a retail chain as well as being able to hold a larger inventory. Both of these mean we can offer more competitive pricing.

Do you provide a warranty on your products?

We offer a lifetime warranty as well an upgrade service, details of which can be seen on our policy page. Life Time Warranty and Upgrades

What is your return policy?

It is important that you take care when selecting your custom made jewellery piece. If you decide to cancel or return the piece at any time for any reason other than a major failure directly resulting from the workmanship of a jewellery piece, Diamond Emporium are not required to give you a refund so you must choose carefully.

Once you have given approval for an item to be ordered, a custom-made piece to be made or any other services to be conducted, this forms a binding agreement with Diamond Emporium.

In the event that you wish to cancel a custom-made piece or any other service(s), please contact Diamond Emporium immediately.

Where work has commenced, a gemstone has been purchased or any cost has been incurred by Diamond Emporium, cancellations will not be permitted, the transaction must be completed and full amounts owing to Diamond Emporium paid.

Where work has not commenced on your jewellery item, gemstones have not been purchased and no other costs have been incurred by Diamond Emporium, cancellations may be permitted at the absolute discretion of Diamond Emporium. Any cancellations permitted by Diamond Emporium will incur a 30% cancellation fee.

Should there be any major failure directly resulting from the workmanship of a jewellery piece, you may be entitled to replacement or refund of that piece. You may also be entitled to have the piece repaired or replaced if it is not of acceptable quality and/or the failure does not amount to a major failure.

All other returns of a jewellery piece once it has been made will not qualify for a refund.

This returns policy is governed by the laws in force in New South Wales, Australia. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that jurisdiction.

By purchasing a piece with Diamond Emporium or using this web site you are agreeing to the terms of this returns policy. We reserve the right to modify our returns policy as our business needs require. Any changes to this policy will be posted on our web site.

How much will GST, shipping, insurance and delivery charges cost?

All of these are included in the price of your diamond, except for GST which will be added separately. Delivery outside of Australia will be charged separately too, to cover the additional cost that this incurs.

How will my purchase be packaged?

You will receive a box with either a presentation box inside for diamonds only, or a ring box inside if you have purchased a ring. The box will be tied with a Diamond Emporium embossed ribbon and placed in a gift bag. The invoice and original diamond certificate are also included.

Is there a cost involved if I return my diamond/ring without the certificate?

Yes, before we can accept the return the diamond would have to be re-certified and inscribed by an independent laboratory which costs $350, for which you will be responsible. In addition to this, the cost of posting or couriering the diamond back to us is your responsibility. Please note that unless we know that the diamond certificate issued with your purchase has been destroyed we will regard the possibility of a diamond certificate falling into the wrong hands as a serious issue.

After submitting a request for a quote or communication from you, when can I expect to be contacted?

We aim to reply to all queries and requests within 1 business day.

Can you laser inscribe my diamond?

Yes. A laser inscription service is available for an additional charge of $180. Please check with your consultant if you want a short message on your diamond.

Can you help me find a diamond if it's not on your website?

Yes, our buying department can source diamonds from all over the world.

Can I view the diamond before it is set in a ring?

Yes, you can make an appointment with your sales representative to inspect the diamond at our showroom.

Is it possible to custom design a piece of jewellery?

Yes. Please provide us with a picture of exactly what you want, we will supply you with a quote and have it individually handcrafted. If you wish to design a piece of jewellery yourself, we will refer you to one our specialist jewellery designers who you can tell what you'd like and they will design your jewellery for you.

Can you resize my ring?

We will resize any ring bought from our range at no extra charge to you within three months of purchase.

Do you sell coloured diamonds?

Yes we do. As these are rare and only procured by Diamond Emporium for special orders we have a strict no return policy on these diamonds. Please discuss your requirements with your diamond consultant if you wish to purchase a coloured diamond.

What is the difference between a certified and uncertified diamond?

A certified diamond has been subjected to a thorough grading process by an independent, accredited laboratory who then supplies the diamond with a certificate. This certificate contains information on the individual characteristics of the diamond that allow a gemologist to to identify it upon inspection and set it apart from other diamonds. If the unique certificate number is inscribed on the diamond, it's identity can easily be verified using a strong microscope. An uncertified diamond is one that has not been through this process and therefore does not have it's own unique certificate.

What is diamond colour and clarity enhancing?

This is a process by which a diamond has undergone an unnatural process to enhance it's colour or clarity. This is done either by heat treatment to make the diamond whiter or by drilling into a dark inclusion then vaporising it with a laser or chemical agent to get rid of it, then filling the hole with clear resin. Customers should always be aware if these kinds of treatments have been undertaken. Diamond Emporium does not trade with these stones as their quality and value has been compromised and they are below our standards.

What is fluorescence?

When diamonds reflect a blue/yellow/green light under an ultraviolet light they are said to be luminescent of fluorescence. This is a rare phenomenon and should be highly valued. However, many members of the diamond trade see it as a negative trait but in fact fluorescence can make diamonds look better in overall colour and appearance. Diamonds with fluorescence offer good value to the customer.

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