At Diamond Emporium we strive to provide the highest quality service and goods and aim to become your lifelong, trusted jeweller of choice. In doing so, we provide you with both customer friendly policies and the assurance of a lifetime warranty.

Lifetime Warranty

Every one of our products is manufactured using the highest quality materials and with expert craftsmanship. We then carefully inspect each item to ensure it's quality so that you can be confident in your purchase. In the rare event that you do find an imperfection or defect, please do not hesitate to send it back to us for one of our expert staff to inspect. If we determine that the defect occurred during manufacturing we will repair the item or replace it if repair is not possible, at no extra cost to you. This warranty does not cover issues that arise from normal wear and tear, including but not limited to: scratches, dents, misshapen bands, or cracked stones. Please note that the warranty does not cover, under any conditions, the cost of replacing the centre stone/s.

Lifetime Upgrades

When purchasing a loose certified diamond from Diamond Emporium the diamond can be upgraded throughout it's lifetime to a diamond of at least twice the original value. This applies to undamaged diamonds that have their original grading report or certificate. As diamonds are purchased in US dollars we will give you the equivalent in AUS dollars, based on current exchange rates.

Care & Maintenance

Your Diamond Emporium purchase includes one complete complimentary service, usually recommended just before the wedding. The service includes rhodium plating, claw tightening, and full buff and polish. All services take 10 working days to complete.

Alternatively, Diamond Emporium offers a complimentary lifetime steam clean service for your rings while you wait. An appointment is required for this, so our friendly staff are able to assist you when you pop in. 

Insuring Your Jewellery

All Diamond Emporium products are issued with a signed and certified document after appraisal by one of our master gemologists. These documents can be provided to your insurance company as proof of the replacement value of your items. We advise you to insure your jewellery as part of your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy, if you do not have a current insurance policy you can purchase protection from a specialised jewellery insurer. We recommend a insurance policy, backed by Chubb.

Diamond Purchasing

If you have a loose diamond that you would like valued, Diamond Emporium will gladly issue a purchase quote on any loose diamond, regardless of where it was purchased originally.  For more information on any of the points above, please contact us on 1300 899 432