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Choose your ring

How to choose the perfect ring

Whether you need a gentle hand, caring guidance or total inspiration, we’re here to make the whole process as relaxed, enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Rings that complement each other

Many women opt for a complementing wedding and engagement ring set. When doing so, both rings are traditionally worn on her left ring finger. However it is equally acceptable for a woman to wear her engagement ring separately on her right hand following the ceremony. When wearing both rings on one finger, the wedding ring typically goes on first.

As you shop for an engagement and wedding ring pair, try both rings on at the same time to see if they require size adjustments to align with one another. Your jeweller can also bind the two together following the ceremony, if you prefer.

So, how do you choose the perfect ring?

Consider comfort and reassurance. When selecting a wedding ring for the bride to-be and wedding band for the groom to-be, the first task is determining the ideal ring size. Using a ring sizer, a Diamond Emporium jeweller can help you select the perfect size that feels comfortable on your finger and fits securely, so it does not slip off of your hand during day-to-day activities or in cold temperatures.