Products and Materials

Which metal is best?

Our ring collection as well as the majority of our fine jewellery comes in platinum, white gold or yellow gold. Platinum is more durable and shows fewer scratches and has a bright, modern look as does white gold. Yellow gold has a warmer hue and chic appeal.

What is the difference between white gold and platinum?

A common misconception is that white gold and platinum are the same things and only separated by price but this is not the case. Platinum is four times stronger than white gold, does not discolour or oxidise as white gold does and is more durable. In terms of appearance, platinum has a very white and slightly duller appearance than white gold, which shines brighter. 18 karat white gold is a very good option for a customer who is looking for a purer metal at a reasonable price.

What is rhodium?

Rhodium is a metal alloy that is formed when platinum is separated and is applied to fine jewellery to create an incredibly hard protective coating on silver and gold. Rhodium also provides a white shiner and tarnish prevention.

How do I work out my ring size?

We have a printable ring sizer for you to find your ring size, we can also send you a complimentary plastic ring sizer upon request. Alternatively, you can come into our Sydney showroom for us to measure your ring size.

What is laser inscription?

Laser inscribed diamonds have their unique serial number inscribed on their girdle to allow identity verification in case of theft or after cleaning or repair. The laser inscribed serial number can only be seen under high magnification.

What is a DE Ideal Cut?
A DE Ideal Cut diamond excels all criterion necessary for it to be classed as 'Excellent'. These diamonds produce the greatest brilliance and fire. For more information please refer to our Diamond Grading information.
What is a diamond's make?

A diamond's 'make' refers to it's cut, finish and overall appearance. At Diamond Emporium we evaluate each diamond on a 'make' scale that takes into consideration it's proportions as well as brilliance and fire.

Are some diamond certifications better than others?

Yes, these come from the world renowned and most highly respected laboratories, the GIA, AGS and HRD. However, all of the certifications that Diamond Emporium carries are from one of the four universally trusted gemology labs. To learn about the different labs and the advantages of each, please visit Diamond Certification.

How high is the quality of your diamonds?

At Diamond Emporium we only sell loose diamonds that are certified by one of the three world trusted gemology labs. In addition to this, we select only the highest quality diamonds for use in our fine jewellery. The quality of the diamonds used in a particular piece of jewellery is clearly marked on that item's product details page.

Do you offer fancy coloured stones and diamonds?

Yes we do but we do not keep them in our inventory and supply these only when a special request is made by a customer. If you would like to place a request please contact on of our experts on 1300 899 432.

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