Danny & Sarah – September Couple of the Month

All the Best from the Diamond Emporium Team.

Geography majors Danny and Sarah may had spent 3 years on campus almost meeting each other, but it was a chance meeting that finally threw them together. Now all that was left was for Danny to manage the most perfect proposal ever. But how? With a little help from Diamond Emporium of course!

Danny and Sarah grew up just 30 minutes away from each other, and for three whole years their paths even crossed daily, but they never met. They both attended Birmingham University in the UK, both studying in the geography field, even sharing many of the same friends, but it was not until a chance meeting in 2006 when they both returned to Birmingham the following year would fate finally draw them together.

Immediately inseparable, the couple lived first in Liverpool then Manchester before taking the leap together to move to Sydney in 2010, which they now consider their home. It was now time for Danny to cement the union with an engagement ring from Diamond Emporium.
Determined to offer Sarah the perfect proposal she deserves, Danny consulted with us to find the perfect diamonds that both suited his budget and suited Sarah to a tee. Pleased with his choice and with a little last minute advice on keeping the proposal secret to the last minute from the staff at Diamond Emporium, he was all set to pop the question.

Danny used Sarah’s birthday as a textbook rouse to surprise her with a night at the Shangri-La Hotel. The room had magnificent views of the Sydney Opera House, and the couple spent the day strolling together, before sitting under a tree and watching the perfect sunset.
Finally, back in the hotel room, a nervous Danny revealed a three-page letter that he had written reminiscing about the past and looking forward to their future together. The second page concluded “…and so....”
As Sarah turned the page to reveal the question “…will you marry me?” she turned to find Danny down on one knee holding the ring from Diamond Emporium. Sarah burst into tears in surprise and happiness, and immediately said yes! She will always remember it as the most amazing perfect moment, and she says the ring Danny chose is just stunning.

Congratulations to our September couple of the month – Danny and Sarah!

What better way to acknowledge the person you love than with a custom made dress ring?

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