A truly rare gem

Even more rare than the pristine colourless diamond are fancy coloured diamonds – sometimes called fancies. For most of history, these select coloured gems were exclusive treasures for members of the royalty. But the general public has slowly been introduced to these limited supply diamonds since a .95-carat red diamond was auctioned in New York in 1987 for just under $1M USD. Since that day, interest in fancy coloured diamonds has grown year-over-year for the general public, investors and collectors.

A Broad Spectrum

Fancy coloured diamonds come in a broad range of colours – from the sought-after Argyle pink diamond to those in blue, yellow, red, pure orange and champagne. Their striking colour can be the result of light absorption changes caused by nitrogen or boron impurities in the structure in lieu of carbon.

Diamonds that absorb blue, green and violet emit a stunning yellow hue due to its isolated nitrogen atom. Similarly, a blue tint occurs when yellow, red, green and orange are absorbed due to an isolated boron atom.

Argyle Pink Diamonds

Among the rarest hues are purple and red. Pink, a close relative, is widely popular, with pure pink having absolutely no trace of secondary modifying colours. The wondrous shade reflected by this curious gem is thought to be the result of a broad absorption band, though the true cause remains a topic of debate to this day. Northwestern Australia’s Argyle mine is recognized for producing some of the world’s most beautiful hot pink fancy diamonds.

The Yellow Fancy Diamond

Yellow fancy diamonds are also called Cape stones, having been abundant during the nineteenth century in the Cape Province of South Africa. Their marvellous reflective qualities are the result of what gemmologists have coined ‘Cape lines’ – or isolated nitrogen which absorbs violet and blue light.

Fancy yellow diamond teardrop pear

Vivid Colour Saturation

For fancy diamonds, colour saturation ranges in intensity from fancy to fancy-intense. The most uncommon – and most valuable – variety is the fancy-vivid. Certification for the fancy diamond is essential due to its worth and scarcity.

Selecting a jeweller

Limited edition fancy diamonds offer a unique twist on the traditional matrimonial ring set. But not all jewellery stores offer the expertise necessary to assist fancy diamond shoppers.

Diamond Emporium jewellers and gemologists are highly qualified and experienced in offering insight and expertise to brides, grooms and investors when acquiring fancy diamonds. We can recommend the best cut and quality, help you determine the ideal hue and grade, acquire a rare gem for your engagement or wedding ring, and work with you to design a ring you’ll cherish for decades to come.